Armor and Martel: Blog en-us (C) Armor and Martel (Armor and Martel) Fri, 01 Dec 2017 17:08:00 GMT Fri, 01 Dec 2017 17:08:00 GMT Armor and Martel: Blog 90 120 Eastern Point Lighthouse: Gloucester Massachussetts Eastern Point Light, Gloucester MAEastern Point Light, Gloucester MA  My visit to this lighthouse was part of a twofer, as I was really hoping to get a great pic of the Cape Anne Lighthouses. Unfortunately the only way to reach this light is by a private road, and I ended up slogging it out on foot to shoot it. Upon arrival, I found lots of tourists and not much to choose from in terms of camera position. I'll notch this one as "visited", but it's not going to be light I'll be returning to. Worse it blew my timetable for the sisters at Cape Anne. Oh well, there's another trip to plan for next season.

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Rustic Rings

From a country styled wedding this summer. This ring box is a definite keeper over those little square felt ones, don't you  think?

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Something In The Air During a drive at sunset my wife noted how pretty the colors were. I remarked how winter sunsets are more vivid because of the atmosphere being different, which is sort of true. In winter, crisp dry air from Canada sweeps across the country, and more colors from the spectrum are visible to our eyes rather than being scattered by particles in the air. If you've the fortitude to brave the temps, a sunset photo on your winter wedding like this one at Oceancliff can be amazing, but you've got to time it just right- baby it's cold outside! 

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Stuff Their Stockings with Pictures

All those great family pictures and photos of your wedding party would make a great personalized gifts this holiday season. Skip the crowds and log into your gallery and save this week with coupon code "BESTGIFT"

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He Said, She Said: A Personal Touch for Wedding Vows

We're sending up a sneak peek of Kateri of Max's wedding movie soon to be released. Get the popcorn and listen in to these great excerpt from their ceremony. 

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November Wedding at Oceancliff

A quick pic for Angela and Brian. Last week’s outdoor ceremony was comfortable temps, practically shirtsleeve weather. What a difference a week makes with a high today in the 30’s!

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Pomham Rocks Popham Rocks Light Out to Pomham Rocks lighthouse by kayak recently. It's a little choppy around the front of the light, but it turned out to be my favorite angle for the shot. It's a a solid 40 minute paddle to the light, and then there is the return trip to Sabin Point! Looks like this will be the last lighthouse pic for the season via kayak, as it's getting a bit cold. If you've got something bigger still in the water, I've got a few more I'd like to visit before the snow flies....

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Off to Paradise Hana Highway, MauiHana Highway, Maui

This weekend's wedding couple are most likely winging their way to Hawaii today, one of my favorite places. I understand why the inhabitants of these beautiful islands treasure them so much, and always look forward to visiting. I know my customers will enjoy their time in paradise, and I'll have pictures ready upon their return. Congratulations and "Mahalo"

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Throwback Thursday: Peace Lines I was digging through some pix for a throwback post, looking for the usual family baby picture, but instead came across some unpublished work from a trip to Northern Ireland in 2013. Among the pretty pictures were a few of Belfast's famous "Peace Lines". If you don't know about them, you can read up here on wikipedia:

The walls went up during the "Troubles" in 1969. They're still there, dividing the city today. Gates in the wall that are sometimes staffed by police during the day are locked at night. While government officials are pledging to bring down the walls by 2023, a 2012 poll of residents indicated 69% believed they were still necessary to prevent potential violence.

There are some superb murals on some of the walls, but many are of martyrs to the causes on both sides. My overall impression of them was rather ominous and sad. The walls are up to 25 ft. high of brick, mortar and steel. I felt a little strange just stepping out of our vehicles to snap a few images. 

The walls have become a bit of a tourist attraction, (Like during my visit) but our guide didn't describe these to us with much of a sense of pride but more as a cautionary tale about the results of political and religious division.

Draw your own conclusions. Now over 50 years old, an entire generation has grown up and never known the their cities without these walls. 



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Slow Ride to Samarra As we're so close to Halloween, I'll use this as my spooky Halloween blog post. (It's not really a ghost story though) I caught up with my buddy Willy this week. He nodded at my Village People attire and said "you're riding huh? I just sold my bike." I was surprised and waited for the rest. "I'm 67 and wanted to see 68. There's too many crazy drivers on the road." I told him that it was a spooky coincidence that I had read this week that the latest numbers showed the chances of being killed in a motorcycle crash were 27 times higher vs. automobiles. He grunted. "You know that, you've always known that, me too. I don't like those odds anymore." Truly the statistics had stuck in my head this week. Still, I said "Look Willy, I agree the stats are pretty grim, but you've got to live your life- We've all got our appointment in Samarra"

He looked at me quizzically.

A merchant in Baghdad send his servant to the market to purchase some goods for him. At the market the servant bumps into a woman standing next to him, and looking at her, realizes she is Death. Death's expression causes the servant to flee the market and upon returning to his master he tells him, "I have seen Death in the market, and she made a strange face at me! I must leave Baghdad! He takes the merchant's horse and rides off towards Samarra, 75 miles away.

The merchant goes to the market, and he too sees Death there. He approaches Death and asks, "Why did you show an angry face to my servant?" Death replies, "I wasn't angry, just surprised to see him here in Baghdad, as I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra"

Have a nice Halloween, and drive safely- I’m in no rush to visit Samarra.  

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Chateau Sur Mer

A pic from Katherine and John’s wedding. Our brief stop at Chateau Sur Mer was worth the trip down Bellevue. Newport’s first mansion is not as ornate as others, but provides some excellent picture locations!

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Movie Monday- Glen Manor Happy Movie Monday! We're serving up a sneak peek for Rebecca and Jeremy of their wedding at the Glen Manor. Here's a little sun for a rainy Monday!

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Throwback Thursday 9/28 Beach Senior Portrait Sessions

The tide of summer weather is turning, and time is running out for beach sessions for 2017. Email us before it's sweater season!

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Pictures with Mom

It's Throwback Thursday- When is the last time you took a picture with mom?

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Summer in September

We're loving these hot summer days in September. This weekend's wedding was a whirlwind in our old stomping grounds of Portsmouth, and went swimmingly. I have so many favorites, I had to post a different one to Instagram. Congratulations to Kateri and Max!

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Wedding Field of Dreams

Regardless of all the pretty things that go into the wedding day, it's really about celebrating your first married day with family and friends, right? On this warm early fall night, I remembered the words of the character Terence Mann in "Field of Dreams". "The memories will be so thick they'll have to brush them away from their faces."

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Engagements, Weddings and Portraits I started at Easton's on Friday and ended on Sachuest on Sunday.  A whirlwind of weddings, engagements and family pix. Please stand by while sort through a thousand pix!

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After Work

Finished up my weekend work at Sachuest. After my late day session, I stayed to burn up a card with some BIF's (birds in flight). The gulls were flying erratically, dive bombing me, and the air over the dues was alive with thousands of insects. We humans headed home, and gave the beach back to those that call it home.

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Throwback Thursday 9/7 We're celebrating the friends pic this throwback Thursday. Bring a friend along for a photo on the day of your session. Our friend's pix look better than a selfie with your phone, and are a lot more fun!  High School Senior Photo Sessions

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Old Kids on the Block I visited Block Island this weekend in a farewell to summer. Sat on the lawn of the Narragansett Inn drinking Newport Storm and eating lobster at the Lion's Club Clambake. While I love Newport's amazing views and hospitality, New Shoreham has a different feel, and is a perfect local getaway from my regular "work environment". It's no wonder the islanders treasurer this place so much. I highly recommend you visit Newport while I'm here and leave this place to me. Block IslandMohegan Bluffs

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