Fine Art Friday: The Watch Hill Light

March 10, 2017

I've been working on this location for some time. Even though I've visited this light many times, I never quite come away with satisfaction.  I feel pretty good about this latest attempt.

Watch Hill Lighthouse From Wikipedia: According to local legend, Watch Hill received its name during King George’s War (1744 – 1748), when a watchtower and light were established on what was then known as Bear Hill. The purpose of the light was not to serve ships in the Sound but rather to warn local residents of a naval attack. The watchtower continued to be used in the 1750s during the French and Indian Wars to track French pirates that were molesting local fishermen and merchant ships. When a pirate ship was spotted, a signal was sent out to local mariners – a smoke signal during the day, and a large bonfire at night. The current tower was put into operation in 1856.