Spring Point Ledge: Portland Maine

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been itching to get back to Maine. My last trip to the Portland Light yielded a favorite pic, but I wanted the trifecta of The Bug, Spring Point and the real reason for going, Higgins Beach. An open Saturday meant getting some much needed projects done around the house, or driving a 400 mile round trip on a Saturday. The decision was a no brainer- I'd need the right tides for Higgins, and dead low was in my shooting window.  Off I went.

While I haven't cooked much of the take, I feel pretty good. Spring Point Ledge isn't the Portland Head Light in terms of variety. This shoot was a one trick pony, but I'm happy with the finished work and will add it to locations checked off the bucket list.

You can learn about the light from the springpointlight.org website. The following is from their history page:

"Spring Point Ledge lighthouse was built to warn mariners of a dangerous ledge that extended into the main shipping channel in Portland Harbor. The ledge, jutting out from the shoreline at Fort Preble in South Portland, was the scene of many shipwrecks and groundings.-Several high profile shipwrecks on the ledge finally prompted the steamship companies to begin a campaign for a lighthouse to mark the ledge. The Lighthouse Board was finally persuaded in April 1891 to establish a light at Spring Point Ledge. Continuing damage by ice resulted in the caisson’s encirclement in the 1930s with large granite blocks and in 1951 the Corps of Engineers completed construction of a 50,000-ton granite breakwater that connected the lighthouse with the shore."  Spring point ledge


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