On Memorial Day

May 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This Memorial Day, I'm remembering a visit to Normandy, site of the D-Day invasion by allied troops in WW2. In a small town called Colleville Sur Mer, overlooking the rugged coast and beaches of Normandy is the American Cemetery. The land has been granted to the United States by France without cost or tax in perpetuity. On the motor coach, the French guides that traveled with us spoke with hushed voices and genuine respect for the fallen. Although there were many bus loads of people entering the cemetery, it was quiet-no cellphone conversations and loud voices.  Entering the cemetery on a low wall around the monument, figure the names of 1,557 American soldiers whose bodies were never found. Inscribed:


Look how many of them there were

Look how young they were

They died for your freedom

Hold back your tears and keep silent"


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