Family Photos: A Bird's Eye View

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I visited Rose Island last week in pursuit of the it''s well known lighthouse, but fate had something else in store first.. After dragging my kayak ashore, I set to determining what my best angle would be to photograph the light. Walking up the beach, I came face to beak with a sea gull perched on a rock near the base of the lighthouse. Sea Bird, Rose IslandSea Bird, Rose Island I thought "well this is kind of a cool shot, and was amazed that the sea bird wasn't spooked by me. In fact as  I got closer, the bird stared me down and called me out. Visions of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" came to mind. Sea Gull, Rose IslandSea Gull, Rose Island Finally It hit me- I think it was after mom arrived. Duh, The island is home to the Rose Island Wildlife Refuge. I was not only intruding on lunch, I was a very dumb human getting too close to junior. I backed off and took a few family pictures instead. I'd never seen a newborn/new hatched? sea gull. How about you? Gull- Rose IslandGull- Rose Island Pretty cute eh? This is my first sea gull mother/daughter or son? photo session. Probably my last too. I think the birds would prefer it that way.


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