Gay Head- Martha's Vineyard

August 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Gay Head Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard I caught the boat to the Vineyard out of Wood’s Hole. The drive out to the Cape is nice if you choose the right day (not Friday, not Saturday) I'd meant to get out here in the spring, but time flew by and I found myself on the ferry in the busy season. While I've visited the Vineyard before, I've never been to this famous landmark. I dragged my dear wife along for the trip. I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy. It took all day to get here and back home. Time at the lighthouse? Maybe 45 minutes?  I shot some closeups, but the better views are from farther away. The real spectacle is the colorful clay cliffs for which the point and surrounding town was named.

(In 1997, the town voted to change its name back to Aquinnah, as it was called by the Native American tribe who lived there. The Wampanoag name means "land under the hill. 

"At the foot of the cliffs is Moshup's Beach, named after a giant sachem who used to lead the tribe and of whom many myths are told. The ocean is a rare aqua color here, with wave heights that are above average for the area. The water sometimes has a reddish tinge resulting from reflections from the cliffs above."- Wikipedia

The original lighthouse began operating in 1799. It's keeper was the first and at that time the only whiteman to live amongst the Wampanoags in Aquinnah.


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