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The Wedding Menu- What Do You Recommend?

July 03, 2018
Someone asked me how pricing "worked' the other day, but what they really meant was how should they choose what's the best option for them. There's no steadfast rule, but...
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Regatta Place at Sunset

June 06, 2018
A pic from a wedding this month at Regatta Place on Goat Island. Such an easy going and sweet couple. Regatta's relaxed atmosphere suited them both, and taking their pict...
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Pele is Awake on the Big Island

June 01, 2018
It looks like I’ll have to put off my long time dream of lliving in Hawaii. The images in the media of spewing lava and roads being cut off reminds me of my last trip to...
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I left Facebook and yes, I'm Ok with that.

May 20, 2018
I imagine I'll get a few blog views this week after finally getting off Facebook. I've been considering it for more than a year, had business discussions with others rega...
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The Unwanted Guests

May 15, 2018
On a country road somewhere in Tennessee is a graveyard. My wingman Mark and I were heading west, and I was being a bit lax in noting our general location. Our route was...
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Wedding Day, Country Style.

May 02, 2018
For this wonderfully warm Wedding Wednesday, We’ll roll back the clock to an early fall wedding from last year that featured weather just the same. In our my call, the...
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Fine Art Friday: Along the Panhandle

April 27, 2018
A repost from a trip along Texas' Panhandle some years back, that didn't make it to the new blog. Late in the afternoon on a windy riding day, I stopped the motorcycle at...
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The social media dilemma- breaking up is hard to do.

April 22, 2018
Armor and Martel is leaving Facebook, and it's with a dry eye that I unpublished the page today. While I still maintain a profile on FB, The A&M page will soon get trash...
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