Armor and Martel: Blog en-us (C) Armor and Martel (Armor and Martel) Tue, 03 Jul 2018 14:26:00 GMT Tue, 03 Jul 2018 14:26:00 GMT Armor and Martel: Blog 90 120 The Wedding Menu- What Do You Recommend? Someone asked me how pricing "worked' the other day, but what they really meant was how should they choose what's the best option for them. There's no steadfast rule, but it depends on if it's a large wedding  or a small one and on personal preferences. Last week's wedding at the Chanler was small and reserved, unpretentious and fun. How I photographed it, and the number of shooters was entirely dependent on the scope and "feel' of the event. No one size fits all, and I always try to recommend something off the menu to the customer that they'll enjoy. It's not a case of offering up the blue plate special, but rather cooking to order based on their palate. Last week went very well, and this is just a morsel of a tasty set of pix coming soon.

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Regatta Place at Sunset A pic from a wedding this month at Regatta Place on Goat Island. Such an easy going and sweet couple. Regatta's relaxed atmosphere suited them both, and taking their pictures was fun. It's still a little chilly in May, but not too cold to get in a sunset pic before the dancing starts. Newport RI wedding at Regatta PlaceRegatta Wedding

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Pele is Awake on the Big Island Lava Flow, Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkLava Flow, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

It looks like I’ll have to put off my long time dream of lliving in Hawaii. The images in the media of spewing lava and roads being cut off reminds me of my last trip to Volcanoes National Park and the surreal landscape created by the moving molten rock in these lush and amazing islands.

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I left Facebook and yes, I'm Ok with that. I imagine I'll get a few blog views this week after finally getting off Facebook. I've been considering it for more than a year, had business discussions with others regarding it's viability as a connector for customers and the pros and cons of a continued presence. My reasons for leaving cover a myriad of different reasons, but really it boiled down to one thing: It's continued use is simply not a valuable use of my time. I'd still like to catch up with you though. How about meeting up for a coffee?

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The Unwanted Guests  

On a country road somewhere in Tennessee is a graveyard. My wingman Mark and I were heading west, and I was being a bit lax in noting our general location. Our route was on his GPS up front. I was just sightseeing in the sweep position. Topping a hill, we both spied an interesting sight on our left, and eased the motorcycles just off to the gravel on the side of the lane. Several acres of farmland was spread out before us, a dilapidated house several hundred yards back. The property was littered scores of old tractors- The number could have been as close to a hundred. There were parts strewn everywhere, in various states of decay, their rusting bodies shrouded in an early morning haze. I unpacked a camera and started making a few pictures. I could stay here for hours I thought, but figured we should touch base with the owner to see if it was ok to shoot a little. The property was fenced off with a wavy rusty wire and post barrier, with a gate a few yards away. We approached it and noticed the sign. Nor much bigger than 10 inches across, it was hand written in large angry caps, on the yellowed paper, covered with faded plastic. IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU ARE “IN RANGE” Being Yankees, we decided this was not the time or place to make a new friend or press our luck. We quickly packed up and rode off!

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Wedding Day, Country Style. For this wonderfully warm Wedding Wednesday, We’ll roll back the clock to an early fall wedding from last year that featured weather just the same.

In our my call, the groom said, “I’m getting married, and the reception will be in my backyard”

Driving into rural Connecticut, I envisioned a simple backyard ceremony.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the location.

The amazing tent was erected next to the perfectly decorated barn where the ceremony would be held.

All those personal details that made this completely unlike the shoreside Newport weddings were ready for pictures, and presented me with a delightful change of pace.

From the flowergirl’s miniature cowboy boots to the arrival of the bride by vintage tractor, it was a total blast to shoot.

I’m not a country boy, and don’t know much about farms or horses, but I can appreciate all those elements and loved photographing this one.


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Fine Art Friday: Along the Panhandle A repost from a trip along Texas' Panhandle some years back, that didn't make it to the new blog. Late in the afternoon on a windy riding day, I stopped the motorcycle at this rest area on the highway. Probably built during George W's reign, this huge glass and concrete structure was a welcome spot to warm up and pull the tumbleweed out of my front forks.

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The social media dilemma- breaking up is hard to do. Armor and Martel is leaving Facebook, and it's with a dry eye that I unpublished the page today. While I still maintain a profile on FB, The A&M page will soon get trash canned. I've wrestled with the idea for more than a year, after watching FB throttle the number of fans that can see posts on the page, and their efforts to ramp up advertising by making my business posts less visible.

Look I get it- it's a advertising site and they want revenue from businesses. I sort of went through this whole thing many years back with WeddingWire, which was free and then, not so free after we built up reviews and a base there too.

While I appreciate all those that have followed the A&M page, the truth is social media's benefits to businesses (and people) is somewhat dubious in my eyes, and I'm extremely doubtful of it's value as an ad platform. In the last year I've found it to be a huge time suck, without the ROI to match the input of effort. Facebook's own data indicates it's showing FB page posts to less than 10% of our fans unless we advertise, so it's a no brainer to dump the page if they're not going to show it. Facebooks recent security and privacy issues, plus it's increase in false accounts make me question it's use as a vehicle for engagement. 

There's a certain meaness to online interaction these days and the impersonal nature of using the web to connect takes away from what I do. A wedding planner once told me that photography was the most personal of services she recommended, and I've always felt the business page caused a certain "disconnect" between myself and customers. 

I'm keeping Instagram, which is fun and the A&M blog has always been the place where information flows from. To all the A&M page fans, you can catch up with me on the website, or through my personal page on FB, Instagram, or quaint as it seems, you can call me on the phone!





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How You Can Save The World I usually post on this blog to sell pictures, but today I'm pitching something else. In case you didn't know, today is Earth Day. You're probably busy and don't have time to save the world, but you can do your part by making a simple change to your lifestyle today, that will make our planet a better place to live tomorrow.

Get one of these for your groceries-

Instead of using these-

Getting yourself a reusable waterbottle and taking it with you...

Would go a long way to solving this problem.

Best of all: you won't believe this but you can get the water out of your own kitchen faucet, and it costs much less! Amazing eh?

Take the time to use your own travel mug-

To eliminate this-

Adopt any one of these and reduce some trash in your neighborhood. (All the trash in these pix was shot on my 15 minute walk in my own town on the way to the coffee shop). How embarrassing! Is your neighbor the sloppy litterbug, or is it you?

Oh yeah- pick up some trash when you see it and throw it away!



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Throwback Thursday 3-22

It's Throwback Thursday, post- Nor'easter in New England on the first day of spring. Like our young (now older) friend here, let's all hold on and keep standing, warmer days are coming!

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No Artwork Needed


Winter storm "Riley" Brought power outages, wind and rain, but also dramatic skies and stormy seas that made for a perfect setting on the lawn at Oceancliff. March came in like a lion, but those dramatic skies were all real with no photoshop required.


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Going North

Dragged a camera up to the summit of Mount Roberts on my day off. Was there an option?

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Good advice from a dark tale

Watching Blade Runner on a rainy evening. Despite its dystopian vision of the future, I picked out this line of dialogue for today’s blog post. “If you have authentic memories, you have real human responses. Would not you agree?” Don’t assume false personas for photos. Real pictures make true memories

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Fine Art Friday: Rowboat in Snowstorm Out for a walk This week, a few flakes began to fall as I scrambled over the frozen riprap to get closer with the wide angle lens.

Fine Art Prints: Snowstorm and Rowboat “Snow is falling outside and all is peaceful and still. In such moments it is possible to believe that the world could still be good.” 
― Richard Paul Evans

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Throwback Thursday: Through the Window. Sometimes you don't get a big smile, and that's ok. Not everyone wear's the same expression for pictures, but it's best to wear your own. It's the eyes that are the window to the soul, not your teeth. (Don't tell your dentist.)

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Get A Newport Life! We're so glad to see Kateri and Max's amazing wedding day featured in Newport Life Magazine's current issue.

Need a little warming up on a cold winters day, or some wedding inspiration? Pick up a copy of Newport Life this week!

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Fine Art Friday: Point Judith Point Judith Lighthouse, Rhode IslandPoint Judith Lighthouse Out to Point Judith in October, though it feels like one hundred years ago. I'm not a big fan of shooting the same location twice, but my second time around was at a different time of day and yielded a pic with a bit more drama, which is ok, as long as it's only in pictures instead of my daily life.

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Throwback Thursday: Footloose Anytime you can go barefoot, it's a good thing. (Especially for children's portraits)

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Lori and Alex in Newport The temps are slowly rising as we step into 2018, but not nearly as warm as our preview of this sweet Newport wedding and reception downtown at the Bohlin.

Take a look back a few short months ago to unfrozen Narragansett Bay, and when that precipitation was just a few raindrops that didn't require a knit hat...

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The Winter Break Fisherville PreserveFisherville Preserve Happy New Year! I took a long winter break from writing blog posts, giving myself and readers a respite for the busiest time of the year.

I've been out hiking in RI and northern points, and while our winter wonderland can be pretty, I'm looking forward to warmer weather. To shake those post holiday blues, I'll start sending up some summer wedding posts and we'll get some inspiration going.

It's snowin' like crazy today, but we've been here before. Let's lace up our boots and make tracks into the new year.

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