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Slow Ride to Samarra

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As we're so close to Halloween, I'll use this as my spooky Halloween blog post. (It's not really a ghost story though) I caught up with my buddy Willy this week. He nodded at my Village People attire and said "you're riding huh? I just sold my bike." I was surprised and waited for the rest. "I'm 67 and wanted to see 68. There's too many crazy drivers on the road." I told him that it was a spooky coincidence that I had read this week that the latest numbers showed the chances of being killed in a motorcycle crash were 27 times higher vs. automobiles. He grunted. "You know that, you've always known that, me too. I don't like those odds anymore." Truly the statistics had stuck in my head this week. Still, I said "Look Willy, I agree the stats are pretty grim, but you've got to live your life- We've all got our appointment in Samarra"

He looked at me quizzically.

A merchant in Baghdad send his servant to the market to purchase some goods for him. At the market the servant bumps into a woman standing next to him, and looking at her, realizes she is Death. Death's expression causes the servant to flee the market and upon returning to his master he tells him, "I have seen Death in the market, and she made a strange face at me! I must leave Baghdad! He takes the merchant's horse and rides off towards Samarra, 75 miles away.

The merchant goes to the market, and he too sees Death there. He approaches Death and asks, "Why did you show an angry face to my servant?" Death replies, "I wasn't angry, just surprised to see him here in Baghdad, as I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra"

Have a nice Halloween, and drive safely- I’m in no rush to visit Samarra.  


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