Armor and Martel | The social media dilemma- breaking up is hard to do.

The social media dilemma- breaking up is hard to do.

April 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Armor and Martel is leaving Facebook, and it's with a dry eye that I unpublished the page today. While I still maintain a profile on FB, The A&M page will soon get trash canned. I've wrestled with the idea for more than a year, after watching FB throttle the number of fans that can see posts on the page, and their efforts to ramp up advertising by making my business posts less visible.

Look I get it- it's a advertising site and they want revenue from businesses. I sort of went through this whole thing many years back with WeddingWire, which was free and then, not so free after we built up reviews and a base there too.

While I appreciate all those that have followed the A&M page, the truth is social media's benefits to businesses (and people) is somewhat dubious in my eyes, and I'm extremely doubtful of it's value as an ad platform. In the last year I've found it to be a huge time suck, without the ROI to match the input of effort. Facebook's own data indicates it's showing FB page posts to less than 10% of our fans unless we advertise, so it's a no brainer to dump the page if they're not going to show it. Facebooks recent security and privacy issues, plus it's increase in false accounts make me question it's use as a vehicle for engagement. 

There's a certain meaness to online interaction these days and the impersonal nature of using the web to connect takes away from what I do. A wedding planner once told me that photography was the most personal of services she recommended, and I've always felt the business page caused a certain "disconnect" between myself and customers. 

I'm keeping Instagram, which is fun and the A&M blog has always been the place where information flows from. To all the A&M page fans, you can catch up with me on the website, or through my personal page on FB, Instagram, or quaint as it seems, you can call me on the phone!






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