Armor and Martel | The Wedding Menu- What Do You Recommend?

The Wedding Menu- What Do You Recommend?

July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Someone asked me how pricing "worked' the other day, but what they really meant was how should they choose what's the best option for them. There's no steadfast rule, but it depends on if it's a large wedding  or a small one and on personal preferences. Last week's wedding at the Chanler was small and reserved, unpretentious and fun. How I photographed it, and the number of shooters was entirely dependent on the scope and "feel' of the event. No one size fits all, and I always try to recommend something off the menu to the customer that they'll enjoy. It's not a case of offering up the blue plate special, but rather cooking to order based on their palate. Last week went very well, and this is just a morsel of a tasty set of pix coming soon.


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