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Wedding PhotojournalismWedding Photojournalism "Dear Chris,
I can't tell you enough how happy we are that we stumbled upon you way back when we were in the early stages of planning our wedding. Who knew then that you'd end up being a permanent fixture in our lives? I remember trying to figure out our wedding budget and we decided it meant more to have you and beautiful photos and I'm so glad we did.

From the first engagement session with you, through the wedding, two summer sessions of family photos at the beach and now, this past session, you have captured it all! And you've done it in such a beautiful, candid and unobtrusive way. Your photos are the artwork in our house and everyone who comes in comments on them. Not only are they photos amazing, but they've truly captured who we are. People have commented that they can almost hear Anna laughing in the beach photos that hang in our front entrance. You've captured her personality so well.

I am so grateful for all of those special moments and memories that are now preserved forever, thanks to you. Photographs are so important to have, especially when our babies are still babies because it's so fleeting and all goes by so fast. And once that precious time has gone by, you can never get it back. But the pictures - those will be with us forever.

So thank you, Chris, for everything. I love watching the story of our family through your lens. And I'm so glad, as the the story continues to unfold, you'll be there to help us tell it."



We just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you so much for everything. We are so glad we chose you as our photographer's! From the engagement session to the wedding, all of the pictures were perfect and we could not have asked for more.  Even some of our family members who don't typically photograph well, or like pictures of themselves are saying how great they look!  I personally feel that the photography is one of the most important parts of a wedding, yes we will always remember the night, but without amazing pictures we would have never been able to capture the little details for years to come.  Every  step of the process in working with you has been smooth and we are so glad we found you and that you were available on our wedding date.  Now I am going to end this and go sort through all the pictures you took and try to decide which ones to have printed (bet you I will end up with all of them!).  Can’t wait to use you for family photography again in the future, you have such a talent for what you do and a great personality to go along with it!

Thanks again for helping us create and capture memories,

Holly and Kenny


I can't begin to thank you for such gorgeous family pictures. I am so happy that my daughter chose you as our photographer for this cherished birthday present.

I still don't know how you managed to capture 19 people looking good at one time; especially when ten of them are between the ages of seventeen and one. And you did it time and time again. You are truly a gifted photographer.

But the proofs are nothing compared to the finished products; each picture is a work of art in itself. Please know that your work will be admired for generations to come.

Thank you!!!"

"Chris Martel is the BEST photographer and we're SO happy we hired him for our wedding! Initially, we decided to go with Chris not only because his pictures were beautiful, but because we liked his personality and thought that he would be great to work with on the day of our wedding-he's FAST, efficient, takes charge and is a true professional in every sense of the word. The day of the wedding, he took the shots he needed to take-portraits and candids-and we didnt even know he was taking pictures half the time because he was discreet. The pictures came out so amazing from our wedding that they made our moms cry!!! He was by far the best photographer we could have picked and we HIGHLY reccomend him because we know you'll be as satisfied as me and my husband are!"

"Book Armor and Martel!
Chris's talent and approach make for amazing photographs!!!!!

We had visited many venues and got to see dozens of photobooks for each. We began to take note, not only of the venues themselves, but which photographers produced the books. We looked up the Armor and Martel photo blog and absolutely loved his pictures.

My husband and I were apprehensive to be photographed. An 'engagement shoot' was part of our package...we were going to skip it, but are so glad we did not! Shooting with Chris put us at ease and brought us to the realization that we could just be ourselves. We laughed a lot and got to feel more comfortable, but also Chris got to know us and what we were looking to get from our pictures.

The result was a great wedding day, where we were able to enjoy ourselves and Chris caught every second of it! Our guests have even commented on how they enjoyed interacting with him!!!
Our photos are gorgeous and everyone who sees them makes a point to comment on the talent of the photographer!!

This is probably one of the most important elements of a wedding!!! We are so pleased to have booked the best of RI!"


"Chris Martel did an AMAZING job at our wedding - he captured all of the shots we were hoping to get without it feeling like all we were doing was posing for photos and without making anything seem too planned. He even had the amazing idea of having our "first look" be out on the cliffs on Ocean Drive, which led to the most beautiful pictures and some of my husband and my favorite moments. Finally, by accident I ordered a disc when it was in fact included in my package and he immediately let me know and cancelled the order. He truly is a wonderful photographer but also a trusted person to work with on such a special day. There is a reason everyone says he is the best!!"


"From the second I met Chris Martel, I knew right away I wanted him to be our photographer. His charming personality made us really feel comfortable with him and once we saw his work we knew for sure we made the right choice! We had the most fun with him from our crazy engagment sessions, right up until the day of the wedding. It was important for me to find someone who I trusted, who I could rely on and who would not need direction or cause any stress. He really took the time to get to know us and he was more than a joy to have with us on our big day. Now the fun part, his work. His pictures are beyond words! Our pictures had such a beautiful variety of close ups, group shots, fine details and unpredictable shots of the venue that we never would have thought to catch. He was so knowledgeable when it came to the specifics of the venue and where best we should take pictures considering the sunlight, sunset etc. We were so thrilled with all of the details he captured that we were actually speechless when we got our preview book back. I now consider Chris Martel and friend and I will 100% be back to him to capture many more happy memories from our lives ahead. He is amazing and his work speaks for itself!"


"When I began planning my wedding, in Newport RI, someone told me "Be sure you get along with your photographer, because that is the one person who will be spending the entire day with you." That was probably the best planning advice I got! After about 10 minutes of meeting with Chris Martel we knew we had to have him for our big day. Not only were his pictures gorgeous (classically beautiful photographs captured by truly artistic eye), but he was so laid back and easy to work with that we knew he would be a great addition to our day. For a reasonable price we had unlimited time, unlimited amount of photos, an assistant, and an engagement session all included in our package. Throughout the day I received numerous comments on how unobtrusive and non-annoying my photographer was. Despite keeping a low profile, he managed to get all the shots I was looking for... and then some. Also, he puts a little slideshow of the weddings on his studio blog (definitely worth checking out). I was addicted to checking for new ones before my wedding, and looked religiously afterwards until mine appeared. It was such a nice bonus to be able to send that link around to everyone. The store where I bought my dress said it was hands down the best little video they have seen (and they have seen a lot!). Thanks to both Chris and Mark for not only documenting our day, but enhancing the time we had every step of the way. I cannot recommend Armor & Martel enough!"